Petrofac Extend Their Contract in Iraq

This day, there are many companies which extend their contract in across the country. Most of them are extending the contract to make them can earn money from the country and develop their business as well. Have you heard Petrofac? They also have renewed their contract in Iraq. In these recent days, they just have decided to extend the contract for the next four years.

How Many Dollars Did They spend to Extend the Contract?

To extend their contract, they secured for about $50 million to maintain the management service for the international oil company in Iraq. It is a huge number, isn’t it? By extending the contract, they will continue providing the specialist personnel to help a specialist in supporting the maintenance services. It is for the existing new production and mature assets facilities.

As you know, since 2010, Petrofac is active in Iraq. With the renewal contract, it will strengthen their position in Iraq. They deliver training, operation, and maintenance services, consultancy and engineering, project management, offshore and onshore brownfield as well as greenfields projects.

What the Petrofac Is?

While talking about the renewal contract of Petrofac, can you guess what this company is? Petrofac is an oilfield service company which builds, operates, designs, and maintenance gas and oil production as well as processing facilities.

The Petrofac’s headquarter is in St Helier, Other, Jersey, Great Britain. They have over 12,500 employees that work spreading in their company. They have many competitors like KBR and Fluor, Wood Group, and many competitors around the world.

Have you Heard about It Before?

Have you heard about this company before? Maybe some of you don’t hear about this company before and perhaps some are yes. If you are living in around Great Britain or Iraq, you may hear about this company before, right? Perhaps, you are a worker in that company.

Well, you need to know that even though they are not a local business, they still support local contractors and partners to keep their business run well. They are working with the local communities to make sure that the local get the benefit from the presence like on-going skills, and many more.

Completed and Ongoing Projects in Iraq

As if the other companies, they also have some completed projects as well as ongoing projects. Do you want to know about them? Let’s discuss the completed projects first.

During their contract in Iraq, they have completed some projects such as Majnoon oil field and Badra oil field. Those have a different function of facilities which can give the best support services to the others.

They also have a list of ongoing projects, such as Majnoon Oil Field, Rumaila Oil Field, Iraq Crude Oil Expansion Project, Gramian Field, Nasiriya Gas Treatment Plant, Halfaya Contract Area, Training Services Contracts, and more.

Those are slight information about the Petrofac you should know. If you are interested to work with their company, just feel free to submit your resume while the job vacancy is available. Don’t miss a chance to join with this large oil field company.