Iran’s Lost Oil and Saudi’s Important Responses

Last week, the issue of Iran is losing some barrels of their oil becomes a big issue around the world. Of course, it becomes the problem that makes Iran gets panic with the oil losses. Then, many countries give their responses to say that Saudi does not give their quick actions as the problem of Iran is arising. It makes the U.S. try to cover up the oil losses of Iran. However, the Crown Prince states their result of action regarding Iran’s problem.

Saudi Has Cover up Iran’s Lost Oil

As Iran is the part of Emirates countries, of course, the kingdom has something related to the country. It is such a big issue when people heard about the lost oil in Iran; make people questioning many things and even start to have their speculations of the solution. U.S. states ready to help the lost oil of Iran, at the first, but the statement of Saudi Crown Prince seems like becomes the opposite.

  • Iran’s Lost Oil Problem

As located in the Middle East, of course, Iran has a huge supply of natural sources, especially crude oil. Yet, the fact that Iran has lost their crude oil for about several barrels make the country gets their confusion and even considered to look for any help. As the need for crude oil is very big, of course, Iran needs more cover regards to the issue that they face in recent days.

  • S. Pressures of Crude Oil Price

Some issues state that the U.S. itself starts to push OPEC countries and Saudi about the price of crude oil. Yet, it does not seem has any big impact on those Middle Eastern countries. The Saudi Crown Prince starts to look for the solution of the problem of Iran that related to the lost oil problems.

  • Saudi to Produce More Crude Oil

As to help to cover the lost oil in Iran, Saudi states that the kingdom is starting to produce more oil and covers all the needs of the world’s crude oil needs. Even though some people still have their hesitate with this statement, the Saudi has their trust in this action and states that they even can cover up all the lost oil from Iran in longer time in the future.

As OPEC really gives very big support to the world’s crude oil needs, having a problem with the lost oil in Iran is a really serious thing. However, it seems like they try to show up their power in pumping more oil and even can get back the normal condition of the world’s oil supply.

Then, as the kingdom does not have any doubt with their action, the Crown Prince decides to make an official statement to the U.S. who always pushes the OPEC countries on their decision about the tariff of world’s crude oil. Moreover, the Crown Prince states that they will do more to handle the lost oil problem. It seems like Saudi is ready to fix the mess and get it back to the right track.