Last week, the issue of Iran is losing some barrels of their oil becomes a big issue around the world. Of course, it becomes the problem that makes Iran gets panic with the oil losses. Then, many countries give their responses to say that Saudi does not give their quick actions as the problem of Iran is arising. It makes the U.S. try to cover up the oil losses of Iran. However, the Crown Prince states their result of action regarding Iran’s problem.

Saudi Has Cover up Iran’s Lost Oil

As Iran is the part of Emirates countries, of course, the kingdom has something related to the country. It is such a big issue when people heard about the lost oil in Iran; make people questioning many things and even start to have their speculations of the solution. U.S. states ready to help the lost oil of Iran, at the first, but the statement of Saudi Crown Prince seems like becomes the opposite.

  • Iran’s Lost Oil Problem

As located in the Middle East, of course, Iran has a huge supply of natural sources, especially crude oil. Yet, the fact that Iran has lost their crude oil for about several barrels make the country gets their confusion and even considered to look for any help. As the need for crude oil is very big, of course, Iran needs more cover regards to the issue that they face in recent days.

  • S. Pressures of Crude Oil Price

Some issues state that the U.S. itself starts to push OPEC countries and Saudi about the price of crude oil. Yet, it does not seem has any big impact on those Middle Eastern countries. The Saudi Crown Prince starts to look for the solution of the problem of Iran that related to the lost oil problems.

  • Saudi to Produce More Crude Oil

As to help to cover the lost oil in Iran, Saudi states that the kingdom is starting to produce more oil and covers all the needs of the world’s crude oil needs. Even though some people still have their hesitate with this statement, the Saudi has their trust in this action and states that they even can cover up all the lost oil from Iran in longer time in the future.

As OPEC really gives very big support to the world’s crude oil needs, having a problem with the lost oil in Iran is a really serious thing. However, it seems like they try to show up their power in pumping more oil and even can get back the normal condition of the world’s oil supply.

Then, as the kingdom does not have any doubt with their action, the Crown Prince decides to make an official statement to the U.S. who always pushes the OPEC countries on their decision about the tariff of world’s crude oil. Moreover, the Crown Prince states that they will do more to handle the lost oil problem. It seems like Saudi is ready to fix the mess and get it back to the right track.

U.S. Crude oil imports become one of the current problems of world oil transaction. This issue is getting bigger and affects many countries economical condition. Even China, which is known to start importing the crude oil from the U.S., starts to make its decision for the future importing process. The decision is not that shock but still something big, since China decide to stops all the transactions of crude oil imports from the U.S.

China Decides to Stops The Crude Oil Imports

Bilateral relations between the two countries could be very complicated once it has a certain problem. Then, the current condition between China and U.S. is not that good, because of the crude oil imports issue. It leads into China’s decision to stop importing crude oil from U.S. Actually, it is not caused by only simple factors but it has several series of events as you can find in the following points.

  • Disagreement of Trading Price

In June 2018, U.S. was deciding to give the tariff for about $50 billion, which made China mad on the decision. They even decide to threaten the U.S. with the giving only 25% tariff for crude oil shipments. However, the conflict is cooling down for a while and China comes back into its normal shipment of crude oil with the U.S. It was because the U.S. deleted the crude oil from the list.

  • Trade Dispute is Getting Bigger

After the time passed, the trade dispute between U.S. and China seems like do not get the way out. Each country has their value of trading and principal tariff of any import and export transactions.

  • Chinese Final Decision

It does not only being confirmed that China has some disagreement with the U.S., but China also starts to show the real action of facing the trade dispute between the two countries. Even though there is no still any sanction from China towards the U.S., some of China’s companies decide to stop the process of importing the crude oil, from the U.S.

In some points, it becomes the way on how China anticipates any additional or continual threaten from the U.S. in trading tariff. Then, they decide to stay for the current decision of stopping any importing process of crude oil from the U.S.

U.S. and Worldwide Oil Tariff Problems

Of course, the trade dispute between the two countries will impact the shipment of almost anything that includes into their trading materials. Not only about the crude oil, if the condition is going worst, perhaps it can be a bigger conflict for the two countries and even give impact to the worldwide trading shipment or process. Of course, do not forget about the fact that both China and the U.S. are two big countries that every single issue between the two countries can affect many other countries.

As the two big countries still continue their disagreement about the trading issue between both of the country, it does not only impact the two countries but it almost gives impact to all countries in the world. Especially the country which has a relation to oil trading with the U.S., they will also get to be more familiar with the new U.S. policy on trading.

As the policy of big countries sometimes can give big impact to many other countries, it would be good to know the trading policy of other countries, so we would be more aware of worldwide economic problems that currently happening around the world and get to oil and gas jobs is good. As the trade dispute issue between U.S. and China still currently on progress, hope there is no bigger conflict that would give bigger impact to both the countries and the other countries that has relation with both U.S. and China.

Everyone has its dream for their future career. Many of you are willing to be a doctor, police, and many other famous careers. Actually, there are more options for careers you can pick like the career in the oil and gas fields. You should know that this field has a wide opportunity for them who have studied in oil or gas subjects.

How to Get a Career in Oil and Gas Fields

Well, the requirement of the career in this field is high enough but many of them require the experienced one. If you are fresh graduated and don’t have any experience in this field, don’t give up because there are a lot of ways to get this career.

Know about Basic Qualification First

If you really want to work in the oil and gas field, it will be so much better if you know first about the basic qualification. It can help you decide whether you are qualified enough to be a part of its field or not.

Usually, the basic qualifications that you need for this field are:

–    You are in good physical shape and you are able to lift something with weight at least 50 lbs many times in a day. You need to consider more this field if you suffer serious health issues.

–    The minimum age for this field is 18 years old and has a valid driver’s license.

–    You are accepting to work in long hours. Commonly, the entry-level employees should work for 12 to 14 hours in 7 days a week.

–    You need to medically fit because you have to operate the machinery

–    You have your own safety equipment such as glasses, gloves, boots, and more.

–    You feel free to place whenever your company needs you. You are fine to leave your beloved city for a long time.

–    You need to know that working in this field is unstable employment. The entry-level jobs are fluctuation. You may work non-stop for months and then you may go a month for unemployed. Just be ready to relocate for the new jobs.


If you think that you are qualified enough to do a job in this field, you can go to the next consideration which is schooling. Many companies require a higher education level. If you don’t have money to keep studying at a higher level, another option to do is schooling.

You just have to find where you can get oil or gas field-specific training which can help you to get the experience in this field. Besides, it will help you to boost your resume if you have trained to certain specific training. Your resume will be more considered than you don’t involve any of specific training.

Seismic Exploration

If you don’t want to go to school anymore, just consider joining the seismic exploration team. Why? By joining this seismic training, you can do many jobs there. Normally, a team of seismic exploration consists of 20 to 45 people.

You don’t have to be worried because the training team will hire no experience oil field working. Even though you will not get a high payment, it is a good point to start your career in the oil fields. After you have done joining this team, you can apply for the job in the oil field industry for a higher position because you have enough experience in this field.

Apply to the Right Places

Many people like to apply careers in large companies rather than private contractors. You need to notice that if you have no experience, try to apply your resume to the smaller contractors. They would consider you to fill the positions.

However, you also need to notice about where the contractors need you. You have to do some research to know about where the best location to apply in that time. Even you are qualified enough to fill a certain position, if you do it in the wrong place, you can\t get it. Thus, make sure you take the right places to apply.

Those the things you need to do if you would like to apply for the job in oil and gas fields. Even though you have no experience, you still have a chance to get the job in this field as what you hope.

Nowadays, the cost of land or field is always increasing. Especially, if the location of the field is in a very strategic location, the price will be very high and it can give an impact on some problems. This problem happens to the same case of the project of Martin Linge gas field. Do you know what is actually going on with the problems there?

What is Actually Happen with Martin Linge Gas Field Project?

Actually, having the land for the big project means we already consider many factors. It includes about the fact of the land price, the positioning and all the potentials that can be gotten from that specifics land. Meanwhile, for Martin Linge gas field project, the start-up needs to be delayed because of some problems. Then, what are actually the problems that currently going on and attract this project?

  • The Increasing of the Field Cost

Of course, building a big project is not a simple thing to do. Especially, if it needs the big field, the field should be ready and have no conflict with it. However, as the start-up is going to be built, the costs of the field are rising, and then it becomes the main distraction of its project. Then, it makes Equinor as the company needs to make an urgent decision about the start-up building.

  • Different Budget Estimation from Country and Company

It sounds as simple problem but actually, it is something that gives a very big impact to the project. The country estimation of the budget shows that the fiscal budget does not have any problem. Meanwhile, the company has a different exchange rate with the country and it makes they have a different estimation about the project.

Moreover, the budget estimation cannot be separated from the term of reductions, simplifications and any other efficiency toward the project. So, the company needs more time to prepare it, or at least, finding other solution for the start-up, to reach the right goal of the start-up building itself.

  • Different Current Costs for Different Area

In the increasing of the field costs, different area has a different range of cost. Of course, it makes the estimation of the budget needs to be revised, or at least, it needs more cross check to make sure that the budget estimation is fine and will not push the other problems to the start-up project as it is already started in the future. So, paying more attention to each cost of the different area is important.

The Impact of The Rising Field Costs

It is clear that the increase of the field costs gives impact to the execution of the start-up building. Of course, it will make the company needs more time to prepare or at least considering the estimation budget that will be spent for the start-up. The project which is actually being set in 2019, should be delayed until 2020.

Besides that, with the longer time of the due date, hopefully, the management can be better so that any problem that might come in the future can be done easily without needing to be delayed once again. So, by the success of the gas field building, hopefully, it can show the great synergy between the country and the company.

To conclude, the start-up building of Martin Linge gas field is already being delayed. The statement from Equinor, as the company, said that it would be done, at least in 2020. It was firstly targeted in 2019, but because of the problem, it needs to be pushed into 2020. No matter what, hope the company and country can give a good cooperation to give the best result on building this Equinor’s Martin Linge gas field, if you are interested you can apply oil and gas career.

If we are talking about careers, there are many career options for you. You just need to pick one of the best careers based on what you like most. While you are still looking for the best careers, try to consider taking the oil and gas jobs.

Top 5 Reasons Why to Get Oil and Gas Career

The oil and gas jobs are the best options for you who love to take the challenge. Well, only some of them who want to work in this field because many people thought that it is not a temporary career. Which we know the oil and gas are decreasing every day.

If you have the same thought, you need to see the other reasons to take this career for you. The reasons why you need to consider taking the oil and gas career are:

Get Busy with It!

You need to know that in the UK, the needs of oil and gas industry becomes three-quarter of primary energy. There are many experts expected that in the next 15 years, it will get a double production in that industry.

You just have to make considerations whether you want to take this opportunity or not. In addition, advanced technology is helping the experts to expand the area and you can learn new things from it.

Various Career Type

Even though you are taking the oil and gas field, there are plenty of careers you can take. If you just thought that its filed is only working in oil and gas jobs field only, just take a look to the other careers. You are able to get to the oil rigs offshore, using heavy machinery, work in offices, labs, and more. You just need to pick one of them based on your interesting.

Working for a Half of Year Only

Note that, this opportunity is only for you who are based in oil rig offshore. If your based working in an office, you will work in the office hours from Monday to Friday. Different from the oil rig offshore working, you just need to work for a half of year.

Before working only for a half year, you need to pass the hard times first. You have to work for 12 hours up to six weeks or more. It may extend the periods of time. However, once you have done the intense course, you just work for a half year only.

Earn Big Bucks!

If you don’t have any experience in this field, you just need to be patient and do what you should do in the best ways. Not to worry because you have a chance to climb your career ladder in this field.

You can earn about £50,000 for the experienced workers. If you are a gas engineer and you are qualified, you can earn money up to £30,000. Even you can earn more money as a drilling consultant and earn for £150,000! It is so fantastic, isn’t it?

Travel around the World

While you are working in the offshore career, you are able to travel around the world. The various locations are available for you. Once you have experienced as well as trained enough, the world is in your hand. You have the options whether you want to work in other locations or not. If you are choosing another location, you are able to make new friends and new experience too.

For those reasons, why don’t you take the oil and gas jobs for your better future? Don’t hesitate to make your best resume to apply this job field. Then, you can submit your application to this job vacancy.

This day, there are many companies which extend their contract in across the country. Most of them are extending the contract to make them can earn money from the country and develop their business as well. Have you heard Petrofac? They also have renewed their contract in Iraq. In these recent days, they just have decided to extend the contract for the next four years.

How Many Dollars Did They spend to Extend the Contract?

To extend their contract, they secured for about $50 million to maintain the management service for the international oil company in Iraq. It is a huge number, isn’t it? By extending the contract, they will continue providing the specialist personnel to help a specialist in supporting the maintenance services. It is for the existing new production and mature assets facilities.

As you know, since 2010, Petrofac is active in Iraq. With the renewal contract, it will strengthen their position in Iraq. They deliver training, operation, and maintenance services, consultancy and engineering, project management, offshore and onshore brownfield as well as greenfields projects.

What the Petrofac Is?

While talking about the renewal contract of Petrofac, can you guess what this company is? Petrofac is an oilfield service company which builds, operates, designs, and maintenance gas and oil production as well as processing facilities.

The Petrofac’s headquarter is in St Helier, Other, Jersey, Great Britain. They have over 12,500 employees that work spreading in their company. They have many competitors like KBR and Fluor, Wood Group, and many competitors around the world.

Have you Heard about It Before?

Have you heard about this company before? Maybe some of you don’t hear about this company before and perhaps some are yes. If you are living in around Great Britain or Iraq, you may hear about this company before, right? Perhaps, you are a worker in that company.

Well, you need to know that even though they are not a local business, they still support local contractors and partners to keep their business run well. They are working with the local communities to make sure that the local get the benefit from the presence like on-going skills, and many more.

Completed and Ongoing Projects in Iraq

As if the other companies, they also have some completed projects as well as ongoing projects. Do you want to know about them? Let’s discuss the completed projects first.

During their contract in Iraq, they have completed some projects such as Majnoon oil field and Badra oil field. Those have a different function of facilities which can give the best support services to the others.

They also have a list of ongoing projects, such as Majnoon Oil Field, Rumaila Oil Field, Iraq Crude Oil Expansion Project, Gramian Field, Nasiriya Gas Treatment Plant, Halfaya Contract Area, Training Services Contracts, and more.

Those are slight information about the Petrofac you should know. If you are interested to work with their company, just feel free to submit your resume while the job vacancy is available. Don’t miss a chance to join with this large oil field company.