Are You Interested to Apply Oil and Gas Career?

Everyone has its dream for their future career. Many of you are willing to be a doctor, police, and many other famous careers. Actually, there are more options for careers you can pick like the career in the oil and gas fields. You should know that this field has a wide opportunity for them who have studied in oil or gas subjects.

How to Get a Career in Oil and Gas Fields

Well, the requirement of the career in this field is high enough but many of them require the experienced one. If you are fresh graduated and don’t have any experience in this field, don’t give up because there are a lot of ways to get this career.

Know about Basic Qualification First

If you really want to work in the oil and gas field, it will be so much better if you know first about the basic qualification. It can help you decide whether you are qualified enough to be a part of its field or not.

Usually, the basic qualifications that you need for this field are:

–    You are in good physical shape and you are able to lift something with weight at least 50 lbs many times in a day. You need to consider more this field if you suffer serious health issues.

–    The minimum age for this field is 18 years old and has a valid driver’s license.

–    You are accepting to work in long hours. Commonly, the entry-level employees should work for 12 to 14 hours in 7 days a week.

–    You need to medically fit because you have to operate the machinery

–    You have your own safety equipment such as glasses, gloves, boots, and more.

–    You feel free to place whenever your company needs you. You are fine to leave your beloved city for a long time.

–    You need to know that working in this field is unstable employment. The entry-level jobs are fluctuation. You may work non-stop for months and then you may go a month for unemployed. Just be ready to relocate for the new jobs.


If you think that you are qualified enough to do a job in this field, you can go to the next consideration which is schooling. Many companies require a higher education level. If you don’t have money to keep studying at a higher level, another option to do is schooling.

You just have to find where you can get oil or gas field-specific training which can help you to get the experience in this field. Besides, it will help you to boost your resume if you have trained to certain specific training. Your resume will be more considered than you don’t involve any of specific training.

Seismic Exploration

If you don’t want to go to school anymore, just consider joining the seismic exploration team. Why? By joining this seismic training, you can do many jobs there. Normally, a team of seismic exploration consists of 20 to 45 people.

You don’t have to be worried because the training team will hire no experience oil field working. Even though you will not get a high payment, it is a good point to start your career in the oil fields. After you have done joining this team, you can apply for the job in the oil field industry for a higher position because you have enough experience in this field.

Apply to the Right Places

Many people like to apply careers in large companies rather than private contractors. You need to notice that if you have no experience, try to apply your resume to the smaller contractors. They would consider you to fill the positions.

However, you also need to notice about where the contractors need you. You have to do some research to know about where the best location to apply in that time. Even you are qualified enough to fill a certain position, if you do it in the wrong place, you can\t get it. Thus, make sure you take the right places to apply.

Those the things you need to do if you would like to apply for the job in oil and gas fields. Even though you have no experience, you still have a chance to get the job in this field as what you hope.